If you can believe it! we are now entering our wild fire season. The state has been and is facing an unusual amount of devastating wild fires this year, its never if a wild fire starts its when and what we have done to prepare. We need your help! At the end please review some safety items to keep around the house.



ZONE 1: 30 feet of Lean, Clean & Green

Remove all dead plants, grass and weeds.
Remove dead or dry leaves and pine needles from your yard, roof and rain gutters. Keep tree branches 10 feet away from your chimney and other trees.

ZONE 2: 30–100 feet of Reduced Fuel

Cut or mow annual grass down to a maximum height of 4 inches. Create horizontal spacing between shrubs and trees. Create vertical spacing between grass, shrubs and trees. Use Equipment Properly to Keep from Sparking a Wildfire but just in case keep a 5 gallon buck or a functioning water hose nearby.

Mow before 10 a.m., and never on a hot or windy day. String trimmers are a safer option (vs. lawnmowers) for clearing vegetation.

Preparedness for power outs.

  1. Flashlights and head lamp flashlights, battery operated radio, cell phone and battery backup charger  2. Fresh drinking water (bottled)   3. First aid kit   4.  Sealed food   5.  Cooking source (exterior propane BBQ/cooking stove)  6. Battery’s for lights and radio. 6 Small generator (only use with house if properly wired to receive generator power). 7. Consider solar lighting (great for yard and after charging during the day can be used in home)  8. Fire extinguisher ABC and a pressure water extinguisher.

These are just a few things to have for a short term power outages. Please remember to know your home evacuation plan and be prepared to leave early in the event of a wild land/vegetation fire. Stay calm and make every move efficient not FAST! Homes can be replaced you can’t….

Mark Matthews, Fire Chief Pioneer Fire Protection District